May 16, 2023

Kim Tradewell


Stay Compliant and Protected: What Business Owners Need to Know with Autumn Witt Boyd

Online Creator Podcast | Episode 029

In this episode of the Online Creator Podcast, Kim talks with Autumn. Autumn Witt Boyd is an experienced and relatable lawyer who helps coaches and online educators reach their big goals.

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Together with her team at The AWB Firm, Autumn guides online businesses as they grow. She has special expertise in copyright and trademark issues, and her firm offers full-service legal support.

You can find Autumn in Chattanooga, Tennessee hanging out with her three kids and husband, reading a good book, or sipping a glass of champagne after bedtime.

Join the conversation to hear:

  • How she uses podcasting to help bring awareness to what she does and how she helps entrepreneurs
  • AWB Firm’s 2023 Legal Trends Report for online business owners
  • Pulling the curtain back to see what are some of the shifts that are happening in the online space right now
  • What to avoid and how to protect yourself as a business owner and CEO
  • How to build your business with the right protection at the right time

This is a conversational-style podcast filled with genuine advice, actional tips and strategies to help you be seen and heard in your industry. Check out more episodes here Online Creator Podcast.

Enjoy the conversation!

Online Creator | Episode 029
Stay Compliant and Protected:  What Business Owners Need to Know with Autumn Witt Boyd

Links mentioned in this episode:

  • Visit the AWB website HERE
  • Check out AWB Firm on Instagram HERE
  • Listen in to the podcast, Legal Road Map HERE
  • 2023 Online Business Legal Trends Report HERE

Rapid Fire Questions:

  • What is your stress reliever when you get home?
  • Are you a reader or would you rather listen to a podcast or audiobook?
  • What is something that you are really proud of in this past year of business?


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