It is time for a new era of brand marketing.

Strategic audio assets for leaders, coaches and creatives ready to speak to their target audience and convert with confidence.

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The MAGIC of the podcasting platform is the relationship between the host and their audience.

Think of audio, beyond Podcasting.

  • You are good at what you do, you know it and your clients know it - you just need to showcase it!
  • You don't love getting on video but you still want to connect with your audience
  • You want to stop having to show up on live calls and webinars!
  • You are looking for new ways to be inclusive inside of your memberships, masterminds & courses
  • You are a podcast junkie and have been looking for a way to incorporate audio


You are ready for A unique approach

Podcasting is not just for those with massive followings and booming voices.  It's a medium that welcomes anyone ready to share their story & expertise with intention and depth.  
Hey there, I'm Kim - Founder, Strategist & Collaborator with May and James Co.  I am excited you are here!  Let's create an audio strategy that speaks your language.  Whether you are a consultant guiding clients, a service provider building lasting relationships or a visionary sparking a movement.  Our team is here to amplify your voice.

Discover the magic that happens when your message aligns with your mission.  Welcome to a new era of impact.

Meet Your New Biz Mentor

A consultation experience that saves you time and energy.  This is perfect for those who are looking for an action plan that can be implemented right away.  Gain clarity on an audio project that supports you and expands your business growth.    

We Work With You


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You Are Ready to Do Things Yourself

Customize and elevate your business with podcast resources to build community and convert listeners into clients.

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We Do It For You

Monthly Podcast retainer packages for the entrepreneur who needs support with the detailed work.  Giving you back the time to be there for your team and your community.

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Gain clarity on your systems and confidence to move forward.  Let's tell your story well and have it one to be remembered.

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ready to level up?

Launch Copywriter and Strategist

Before working with Kim my brain was spinning with all the possible ways to maximize the reach of my podcast and I really wanted some clarity and next steps.

After our time together, "I have a specific plan for incorporating my podcast into the entire ecosystem of my launch copywriting business."

sara vartanian

"Working with Kim took my podcast idea from a vague concept to clarity and implementation!"

Kim simplified the process in a way that was step-by-step and manageable.  She also educated me on all things podcast like the RSS feed, systems, software's, sound bites, intro/outro, ads, and so much more!  (seriously who knew so much went into it?!)

I think the best part of it all has been how collaborative Kim was throughout the whole process!  I felt like I had a partner every step of the way.

Marketing Strategist & Podcast Host - Business Owner

Victoria Boyd

Founder of Curate Well Co.

Working with Kim at May & James Co has been a buys founder's dream!  She ramped up quickly and got right to work, which I super appreciated. She seamlessly slid into our infrastructure and also wasn't shy about making recommendations...

She's timely and responsive.  I couldn't have asked for a better experience - so much so that we're now partnering on producing a few of our clients' podcasts!  It turns out managing a podcast is a ton of work, and I couldn't do it without Kim in our corner.  She continues to be an asset to our team and I'm so grateful to be working with her.

Pia Beck

Client Work

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