We are a creative marketing company for the ambitious, driven and honest brand.

About us

For the entrepreneur who is ready to to find their voice and elevate their brand. Welcome to a new era of brand marketing.

Building a brand is about so much more than vanity and metrics.  We want you to leverage your visibility to help you monetize your business and support a lifestyle that allows you to do what you love. 

We understand that numbers are important, but we are in the people business.  Connection and engagement is key to success.  Let's build your story and have you known as the go-to-expert in your field.  

We value...

INTEGRITY:  We honor our word and create trust and reliability. 

 QUALITY:   Thorough and thoughtful with every client experience.  We continue to learn and grow.

LEADERSHIP:  We are truthful, honest and objective.  We ask for feedback often and listen generously.

EASE:  We value your time and create a streamlined approach to all that we do. 

COMMUNITY:  We value the importance of genuine connection and celebrate differences in opinions and perspectives.

CALM:  We are thoughtful and respectful in how we treat others.

My business journey started with a call for something more.  

My career in Population Health allowed me to look at things with a wholistic lens.  Identifying big picture initiatives and creating messaging for specific populations from concept to implementation,  I realized there was only so much change I could make from my cubicle.

May and James began with the intention of amplifying voices through audio and the impact of storytelling.  Quickly I learned the importance of having a strategy in place.  The value of building out your content through your social channels, your website or your platform of choice (mine is podcasting!), has to be in place.  

Meet your creative director, Kim

What lights me up - personally
Spending time with good friends, family and my office side kick, Rocco.  Laughter, good food and thought provoking conversations.  Slow mornings are the best way to wake up.  Good coffee and books that make me feel inspired and awakened.

What lights me up - professionally
Working with ambitious, value-driven, creative business owners.  Conversations that are led with honesty and integrity.  Appreciation for strategy and systems that are integral part of executing a sustainable workflow.  Understanding the value of storytelling to build connection and community.  

What I can do with out...
Negativity, long emails, being rushed in work and personal life, filler content, filler conversations, comparisons and fake anything.

How do your listeners find you?  How do they connect with you?  How can they work with you?

Building an engaged and loyal audience matters.  There is so much power and possibility in  brand marketing.  My goal is to support you in finding your voice, to be seen and heard as the expert in your industry.

Our style...





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