November 7, 2023

Kim Tradewell


Unveiling the Art of Authentic Copywriting

Online Creator Podcast | Episode 054

Hey there entrepreneurs and CEO’s! Welcome to the Online Creator podcast episode 054 with conversion copywriter Kori Whitby. I’m your host, Kim Tradewell and my mission is to amplify voices, share wisdom and knowledge from innovators and leaders in this online space. My wish is for you to leave each episode with the right mix of clarity, community and inspiration to encourage growth and to find your confidence to open the door to endless possibilities in business and life.

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Kori is a conversion copywriter, renowned for her expertise in crafting compelling sales and website copy for small businesses and creative entrepreneurs.

With a background in theatre and a keen understanding of the power of words, Kori shares her journey of shedding the impersonal business facade and embracing her authentic voice. Through trial and error, she discovered the importance of building genuine connections with her audience and leveraging her personal brand to fuel business growth.

Shedding the Facade: Embracing Authenticity in Copywriting

Kori takes us through her personal journey, highlighting the pivotal moment when she realized the importance of shedding the mask of traditional professionalism and embracing her genuine voice. With candor and humor, she recounts her initial struggles in the online business world, emphasizing the significance of authenticity in fostering meaningful connections with clients and customers.

Transforming the Landscape of Copywriting

Through compelling anecdotes and real-world examples, Kori emphasizes the evolving landscape of copywriting. She dives into the shift from conventional hard-selling techniques to a more immersive, storytelling approach, highlighting the value of creating a shared language with the audience and fostering a sense of community within a brand.

The Power of Strategic Copywriting Beyond ROI

As the conversation deepens, Kori speaks on the profound impact of strategic copywriting on business growth. She underlines the significance of nurturing long-term audience relationships and fostering brand loyalty, showcasing how effective copywriting transcends direct ROI and contributes to the holistic development of a business.

Actionable Insights and Inspirations

In this engaging episode, Kori leaves listeners with actionable tips and inspiring insights, encouraging them to unleash their authentic voices and propel their brands to new heights. Her expertise in leveraging personality, psychology, and connection in copywriting serves as a guiding light for entrepreneurs looking to amplify their online presence and connect with their target audience on a deeper level.

Tune in to the full podcast episode for an enriching discussion on the transformative power of authentic copywriting and its pivotal role in building a thriving online business. Discover the art of crafting compelling narratives and nurturing authentic brand experiences with Kori Whitby on the Online Creator Podcast.

This is a conversational-style podcast filled with genuine advice, actional tips and strategies to help you be seen and heard in your industry. Check out more episodes here Online Creator Podcast.

Enjoy the conversation!

Ep. 054 | Unveiling the Art of Authentic Copywriting: Insights with Kori Whitby
In this episode of the Online Creator Podcast, Kim talks with Kori Whitby.  Kori is a conversion copywriter, renowned for her expertise in crafting compelling sales and website copy for small businesses and creative entrepreneurs.

Links mentioned in this episode:

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  • Learn more about Kori’s Website Copy Templates HERE

Rapid Fire Questions:

  • How do you reset so you can come back to work fully charged and creative?
  • Is there a platform that you love in your business that you would like to share?
  • If you could give a piece of advice to your younger self that’s just starting out in this space what would it be?


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