September 19, 2023

Kim Tradewell


The Future of Audio Marketing

Why Podcasting Matters with Meghan Lamle

Online Creator Podcast | Episode 047

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In this episode, Meghan shares her own remarkable journey from a burnt-out virtual assistant to a thriving entrepreneur. Discover how she leveraged her unique voice and expertise to build her business and become recognized as a thought leader in sales and marketing.
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In the ever-evolving landscape of digital entrepreneurship, there are individuals who stand out not only for their expertise but also for their ability to leverage their unique voices to build thriving businesses. Meghan, a sales and marketing expert, is one such inspiring figure. In this blog post, we’ll delve into Meghan’s journey, her foray into podcasting, and her insights into the world of sales and marketing.

Meghan’s story begins with her remarkable talent—her gift for communication. From the early age of eight months, Meghan started speaking, and she hasn’t stopped since. This early aptitude for conversation set the stage for her future endeavors.

In 2019, Meghan found herself at a crossroads. She had been working as a virtual assistant and mixing in social media management, but burnout was looming. Then, an opportunity arose when she witnessed a coach’s success story, which ignited her drive to become an entrepreneur. Armed with just $200 and a “You Only Live Once” attitude, Meghan embarked on her journey into entrepreneurship.

The Sales and Marketing Evolution

While her journey into entrepreneurship was unconventional, it was Meghan’s niche into sales that truly set her on a unique path. Little did she know that this decision in 2020, just weeks before the global pandemic struck, would become a game-changer.

What made Meghan’s approach stand out was her ability to articulate complex sales concepts in a way that anyone could understand. Her journey into podcasting, which officially began in 2022, was a pivotal moment. Meghan decided to go on a podcast tour, where she discussed sales psychology, buyer types, and how business owners could integrate these principles. This was a bold move for a coach relatively new to the industry, but it set her apart in the competitive world of podcasting.

The Power of Podcasting: An Intimate Connection

One of the standout elements of podcasting that Meghan highlights is its intimacy. Unlike other social media platforms like Instagram or TikTok, podcasting allows creators to establish a deep and personal connection with their audience. This intimacy has been instrumental in Meghan’s journey to gaining thought leadership in her niche.

Overcoming Sales Challenges

Meghan’s success in sales wasn’t an overnight achievement. She underscores the importance of mindset, emphasizing that sales is about effective communication, not coercion. Her advice to fellow entrepreneurs is simple: practice consistently and embrace the learning curve. In her own words, “Be willing to suck at it and to practice it to then be able to grow to what you want.”

Common Sales and Marketing Mistakes

Meghan identifies common pitfalls in sales and marketing strategies. Overexplaining and overcomplicating offerings can overwhelm potential customers. She also emphasizes the need for consistency but warns against being consistent for consistency’s sake. The key is to align consistency with your sales strategy. Furthermore, Meghan advises against setting rigid timelines for sales success, as it’s a journey with its own pace.

*Future Trends in Marketing and Sales

Meghan offers valuable insights into future content trends. She predicts a shift away from urgency-driven marketing to a more value-centric approach. Customers are seeking value and authenticity in the content they consume. Meghan also highlights the growing importance of audio marketing, such as podcasts, in the digital space. Platforms like Instagram’s broadcast channels signal a trend toward more audio content, providing creators with new opportunities to engage their audiences.

Meghan’s transformation from a virtual assistant to a sales and marketing expert is an inspiring testament to her resilience and adaptability. Her story underscores the incredible potential of podcasting as a medium for building thought leadership and connecting with audiences on a deep level.

I invite you to tune in to Meghan’s episode on the Online Creator Podcast to hear her story in her own words. Her insights into the challenges and opportunities in sales and marketing are invaluable for aspiring entrepreneurs and seasoned professionals alike. Keep an eye on the podcast for more expert interviews and inspiring stories in the digital entrepreneurship space.

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Enjoy the conversation!

In this episode of the Online Creator podcast, Meghan shares her own remarkable journey from a burnt-out virtual assistant to a thriving entrepreneur. Discover how she leveraged her unique voice and expertise to build her business and become recognized as a thought leader in sales and marketing.

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