December 5, 2023

Kim Tradewell


Harnessing the Power of CEO Days

Online Creator Podcast | Episode 058

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Ep. 058 of the Online Creator Podcast Harnessing the Power of CEO Days: An Interview with Ashley Kang

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In today’s overloaded business landscape, entrepreneurs more than ever are grappling with an overextended schedule, leaving little room for personal development and strategic planning. If you find yourself caught in this constant struggle, the solution can be simpler and more rewarding than you think: implementing a strategically designed CEO day. But what exactly is a CEO day and how can it drastically change your business for the better?

Let’s dive in with some expert insights from Ashley Kang, a CEO system strategist and the founder of AHK business management, who recently shared her processes and success strategies on the podcast.

What is a CEO Day?

Ashley explains that a CEO day is about setting aside dedicated time for strategic planning, self-development, and managing the overall trajectory of your business. Using CEO days can free up your time to avail of new opportunities, relax, and further develop your leadership mindset. 

The conversation about CEO Day resonated with many as it corresponded with a familiar struggle: maintaining a balanced work and personal life. It showed how a simple strategy such as the CEO Day could take an entrepreneur from being overwhelmed and stressed to fully engaged and driven. 

 The Importance of CEO Days

According to Ashley, CEO days are not just for later when you hit a certain benchmark; they are for right now. As you acquire more responsibility, the urgency of having CEO days increases—more tasks, more opportunities, and higher stakes. The sheer volume of tasks a CEO is responsible for can be challenging, with many business owners surrendering to instant work demands instead of focusing on strategic action that could facilitate future growth.

Tailoring Your CEO Day

Of course, how one organizes a CEO day varies with each person. Ashley asserts that individuals need to discern what works for them and build their personal CEO day structures around that. This means considering factors like your client’s needs, your own schedules, and other elements that influence your day.

For instance, one of Ashley’s clients switched from the traditional Monday CEO day to Wednesday for optimizing her schedules and operational efficiencies. The strategy relied on Ashley’s 3R framework: Reflect, Recharge, and Reset.

Experiencing the Benefits of CEO Days

Undeniably, CEO days have yielded substantial results for many entrepreneurs. For Ashley, it was interesting to see her clients use their CEO days to transform their businesses radically. For instance, one client went from struggling with operational efficiency to scaling her business and hiring her first team member. 

Understanding the power of CEO Day and effectively leveraging it, as Ashley Kang has done, could be the game-changer in your business. Implementing a CEO day doesn’t just make tasks more manageable—it transforms your mindset, making you more organized, focused, and efficient.

It’s a system that works, giving you the freedom, structure, and vision to run your business the way you see fit, avoiding the risk of burnout. The aim should always be sustainable success—each CEO day is another step toward longer-term goals.

Ep. 058 of the Online Creator Podcast | Harnessing the Power of CEO Days: An Interview with Ashley Kang

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