February 13, 2024

Kim Tradewell


Empowering Your Business Through Financial Strategy

Episode 062 Online Creator Podcast

Hey there entrepreneurs and CEO’s! Welcome to the Online Creator podcast. I’m your host, Kim Tradewell and my mission is to amplify voices, share wisdom and knowledge from innovators and leaders in this online space. My wish is for you to leave each episode with the right mix of clarity, community and inspiration to encourage growth and to find your confidence to open the door to endless possibilities in business and life.

Whether you own a small business or a large enterprise, understanding the importance of financial strategy is crucial for sustainable growth and success. In a recent podcast, host Kim was fortunate enough to sit down with Alyssa, an expert in financial strategy and owner of three companies, including Magnetic Bookkeeping and Consulting.

Understanding the value of voice in business, Alyssa shares her experiences and the opportunities she received, such as public speaking events, teaching in expansive bookkeeper programs, and appearing on other podcasts. Furthermore, during the podcast, the discussion navigated around different forms of audio assets that could be integrated into businesses, like private feeds in addition to the public ones.

As the founder of Magnetic Bookkeeping Consulting, Alyssa shares how her approach supports her clients to comprehend and utilize numbers effectively in their business. Her agency dives deep into the overall business plan, helping businesses understand their finances, budgeting, cash flow, and pricing strategies.

Alyssa illustrates a common business transition from being a lifestyle business, usually started as a side hustle, to becoming a mission-driven business, focused more on clients or their team. And this shift, according to Alyssa, must come with a transition towards serious financial consideration.

Alyssa dispels the common misconception that businesses without employees don’t need bookkeeping. She emphasizes that bookkeeping has nothing to do with employees. It’s crucial for businesses of all sizes to gain an understanding of their financials. Additionally, Alyssa highlights the importance of finding a professional who inspires confidence and provides a safe space for asking questions, no matter how basic or complex.

Alyssa’s financial expertise, coupled with her business insights, offers invaluable advice for anyone seeking to improve their financial strategies within their business.

  • Empower yourself through your voice, either through social media, public speaking, or podcasts;
  • Utilize different forms of audio assets in your business;
  • Be realistic about your business demands and structure your pricing accordingly;
  • Seek professional financial help, no matter the size of your business;
  • Feel empowered to ask questions about your finances, no matter how basic or complex.

This is a conversational-style podcast filled with genuine advice, actional tips and strategies to help you be seen and heard in your industry. Check out more episodes here Online Creator Podcast.

Enjoy the conversation!

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