podcast launch

Sound familiar?

You want to start your podcast, but you keep holding yourself back.  You have been planning it in your head for months, but you're stuck in the 'thought process'

You want results

You want to develop a business podcast that fits your marketing plan and branding right from the beginning

Sure you could do this all on your own, but you want to up level your business today and you just want someone to tell you what will work and what won't

You want to drive traffic to your new, value-packed offer in a new exciting way

Using the knowledge gained from previous work experience, I started May and James Company to ensure that businesses of any size, have the opportunity to share their unique brand voice with their audience through podcasting.  Stop wasting time with guesswork.  Let us help you develop a process that works!

We spend the TIME to do the RESEARCH and the DETAILED WORK, so you don't have to.  

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We will script out the episodes with you, prepare you to record, edit and upload to host, all in our day together.  Generate demand for your content in a unique way!

You will get 1:1 coaching time for 1 day that will give you clarity, confidence, tools and the assets to move forward with your launch. 

Let's create your capsule podcast!

Audio asset

With this launch

Up to 6 episodes edited

Uploaded to host (Hello Audio)

Leave with the branded tools necessary to promote; cover art and show notes

Leave with your capsule audio podcast ready for launch and a workflow to help manage assets & promotion

you will:

Voxer support, for 1 week after our Audio Asset Intensive

Skip the waiting and get right to the implementation stage. Do you have your first 3 episodes created?  Do you need help with finessing your episodes, promotional graphics and submissions to the major directories?

You will get 1:1 coaching time for 2 full days that will give you clarity and confidence to move forward with your launch.

Let's simplify the next steps

Podcast Launch weekend

With this launch

First 3 episodes edited, including editing tutorials for reference and show notes

Have your submissions to podcast directories of choice and episodes uploaded & scheduled

Leave with the branded tools necessary to promote; social graphics, show notes, and templates

Leave with your podcast ready for launch and a workflow to help manage continued production and promotion

You will:

Voxer support, for 2 weeks after our Launch Weekend

how it works

Time Committment

Pick your day(s) & do your pre-work

Implementaion phase - Produce, edit & publish

Leave with your audio asset ready to launch

Strategy & consultation Call

We will work together 1 or 2, four hour days (depending on what offer you choose), we can work with your schedule!




You can expect to feel:

It is easy to be behind the scenes.  But the time is now to show up and stand out!  Have your voice one to be remembered.  

Starting something new is never easy, but once you have worked with your Podcast Coach, you will be able to have fun, be consistent and share your expertise!

"What do you mean, I'm ready?"  When we have completed our 2 days together, you will have the knowledge to take over and maintain on your own! No more holding yourself back.

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Gain clarity on your systems and confidence to move forward.

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