I'm a podcast coach & strategist and here to support you.  The hours in the day are valuable.  Make the best use of them by spending your 'free' time with those you love.

Aside from spending time with my family, I love the art of storytelling in all forms.  Visuals will always be important, but having the right copy for your audience to understand and believe is something completely different.  The power of hearing someone's voice, to be able to feel their struggles and triumphs is key.

Using my experience, I started May & James Company to help entrepreneurs be seen and heard through leveraging their voice in a unique way that is intentional and value-driven. 

Storyteller, Creator, Business Mentor

Meet Kim,

Negativity, long emails, being rushed in work and personal life, filler content, filler conversations, comparisons and fake anything.

What doesn't light me up

Spending time with good friends & family.  Laughter, good food, thought provoking conversations and spending time in lake country.  Slow mornings are the best way to wake up.  Good coffee and books that make me feel, think and learn.  

What lights me up

If you can relate, we will be a great fit!

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