My career in Population Health allowed me to look at things with a wholistic lens.  Identifying big picture initiatives and creating messaging for target populations from concept to implementation, I realized there was only so much change I could make from my cubicle!

May and James Co. began with the intention of sharing the creativity of audio marketing with others.  

I believe in the power of collaborating and networking through storytelling is key to success.  Through a strategy that is as unique as you are, my role is to bring the care and attention you need to amplify your voice and help your business thrive.  

Your clients are busy.  They want to learn from you, that is why they are in your world.  But they also have families, businesses, personal lives and households to run.  Meet your people where they are at!

Storyteller, Creator, Business Mentor


My business journey started as a call for something more...

May & James Co.

Building a brand is all about human connection.  I am here to help you articulate your story through strategy, development and execution.

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A creative, consulting studio for the ambitious, driven and honest brand.

Negativity, long emails, being rushed in work and personal life, filler content, filler conversations, comparisons and fake anything.

What doesn't light me up

Spending time with good friends & family.  Laughter, good food and thought provoking conversations.  Slow mornings are the best way to wake up.  Good coffee and books that make me feel awakened and inspired .  

What lights me up - personally

If you can relate, we will be a great fit!

What lights me up - professionally

Working with ambitious, value-driven, creative business owners.  Conversations that are lead with honesty and integrity.  Appreciation for strategy and systems that are an integral part of executing a sustainable workflow.  Understanding the value of storytelling to build connection and community.

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