November 16, 2020

Build Your Brand

How Podcasting can build your business.

Podcasting is a form of content creation for your brand.  If you struggle with consistently showing up on your social media platforms, you need to consider this as an option.  Let’s chat about why Podcasts should be considered, what you need to know to get started and how podcasting can build your business.

Podcasting for your Business

Why I love Podcasts.

I tend to multitask on ‘the daily’, so I love the fact that I can throw on my headphones and escape while doing the dishes, making the lunches or just matching the 101 socks that seem to always be in the laundry basket.  The other thing that sets Podcasts apart from just taking the time to read a blog or a book, is the fact that I get the opportunity to really listen in and see if the podcast host is someone I can relate to and trust.  I can tell within the first few minutes if I’m going to listen to the whole episode or move on to the next show on my list.  I also love the art of storytelling and for me, Podcasting is another way to share your story with the world.  

Too much work or where do you even start?

I get it, where do you begin? Between equipment, content and editing, who has the time or the skills? It all can seem overwhelming.  Full disclosure, this is one of the main reasons I started May and James Company.  I wanted to help other small business and creative entrepreneurs share their stories with the world, in hopes they will be able to encourage others to start their own journey.  

How can it build your business?

There is huge potential in converting your listeners into subscribers.  What about building your email list? The idea is that you want to provide your audience with the opportunity to carry on learning or growing from the topic they are currently interested in.  This is where you can provide additional resources through opt-ins.  Most listeners are invested in what you are talking about, that is why they pressed play!  Building the like, know and trust is not just a trendy phrase.  Having your potential customers get to know you on this platform can be a complete game-changer.  

Podcast listeners listen to an average of 5 different shows per week.

(Source:, Oct, 3, 2020)

Where to begin…

  • What is the GOAL of your show?
  • What CATEGORY would it fall into?
  • What FORMAT would you use?

This will require some time and careful consideration.  Why would people want to tune in? Why would they care?  Think about what your story is and what you are able to showcase as your go-to skill or expertise.  Another important point to consider is that your content will have a longer shelf life.  You have the potential to gain new followers and customers 24/7.  

More why’s.

If you are still on the fence, let me give you a few more reasons to consider this as an amazing opportunity.  Podcasts are a way that you can consistently show up for your audience.  You will have the opportunity to provide numerous posts and articles from one episode that you have delivered.  It allows you to expand your network with others in your field and to expand your level of trust and expertise.  

If writing comes easy to you, stick with that.  If you love the art of videography, stick with that!  Do what feels like the best version and representation of you and your brand.  Your audience will figure it out.  Podcasting allows another opportunity to set yourself apart.   

If you decide to take the first step and need a little guidance through this journey, let us help you through the steps.  This is what a Podcast Manager can help you with:

  • We can help you get set up and walk you through the process. 
  • We can give you some feedback on your first few episodes and let you know what you are missing or what is working well.
  • We can walk you through the process of editing your first recording.  
  • We can go through the launch process and upload and schedule your first episode.