July 21, 2020


Social Copy is written content for marketing or advertising. The ‘copy’ is written content that aims at increasing brand awareness.  

This lays the foundation for your content marketing strategy and sets the tone for how you want to be represented.

Here are a few tips to consider.

  • Be brief, you want to put the most important information at the beginning.
  • Deliver with your brand’s voice. What is the personality that you want to convey?  Are you trustworthy, quirky, knowledgeable?
  • Be personal by addressing your audience directly.  Remember that we are on ‘social media’ for a reason!
  • deliver your messages with good visuals.
  • Create a strong headline/title for your messages
  • Develop shareable content, would someone want to share your content with others?

If developing your social copy isn’t your thing, consider outsourcing.  A copywriter should be able to be flexible and adapt to your brand style/voice with their writing.

Why would you want to outsource a copywriter?

  1. Flexibility – If you have busy seasons throughout your year that you want to prepare for.
  2. Experience – Hire someone with experience in SEO.  You will want to ensure that your content is found easily.
  3. Creativity – The ability to have a different perspective/voice, one that still matches your brand.

Remember that we are in a sea of noise.  If you want your business or brand to stand out, you will need to consider your ‘Social Copy’ when developing your marketing strategy.