May 26, 2020


When you start your social media content, consider the different ways you can reuse the information you already have.  Who is your audience and where are they at?  Not everyone is on every platform.  The important thing is to try and stand out.  Do a really good job of being consistent and bring value.  

Here are a few tips to consider when planning content and how to maximize your efforts.

Blog Post – Write a brief post of a service you would provide, the knowledge you have or a product you want to promote.

Snippet – Share a summary of this post, a condensed version on an Instagram Post.

Instagram Story – Expand on the topic or the product on an Instagram Story.  Instagram stories are a great way to boost your reach and engagement.  They are short 15 second segments that can be pieced together and later saved in your highlights on your profile.

Different Platforms – What are your other social media platforms for your business/brand?  Do you have a Facebook page or group?  If you do, this is another great way to share the same topic of information.

IGTV – Consider sharing more details of this topic on IGTV.  This is a longer video format that is connected to your Instagram account.  Another great way of creating traffic to your website or social channels.

Tik Tok – If you are on Tik Tok, you can share highlights of the main points from your original blog post.  Tik Tok is a way to share short stand-alone video clips of your content.

Share Graphics – Share graphics on Pinterest to drive traffic back to your site.  Pinterest is a great visual platform for your business.

There are many more ways to reuse your content through social media platforms.  Be thoughtful of who your target audience is and use platforms that you are comfortable using.

The intent is to be as consistent and authentic as you can be and a trustworthy resource.