May 20, 2020


Adapting your marketing strategy

This week things in our world are starting to reopen.  Businesses are letting customers in for the first time in weeks. 

For some of us, our worlds will look very different.  Maybe this slow time was a chance for us to reflect.  An opportunity to evolve and move forward with a different vision in mind.

Here are a few points to consider while adjusting to this new way of doing business.

New and efficient ways of doing business.  For example, streamlining and automated approaches to paperwork, less contact.

Reduced travel for meetings.  Continue learning what the best online video communication systems are for your business.

Continue looking at your branding.  This may need to be refreshed due to a different focus.  Messaging needs to continue to be positive keeping the audience in mind and relating on a more emotional level.

Shopping and supporting locally.  This continues to be the time for small businesses and entrepreneurs to highlight how their local customers are able to shop and access merchandise safely.

Evolving marketing strategy.  You will need to be on top of the continuing changes and be able to make decisions quickly.

Employees & Business owners are the new Brand Ambassadors.  We have all seen the personal and emotional stories shared on social media of how businesses are adapting to the changes.  This will continue to be the norm for most marketing strategies.

We need to continue to watch the new trends and adjust quickly.  Things may look different, but adapting to the changes will help guide your business throughout this new time.